The flavors of the local cuisine will surprise you and will satisfy your palate!

Restaurants, trattorias and agritourism farms offer traditional “casoncelli” with classic or ricotta filling served with melted butter and sage, fresh pasta, soups and tasty tripe. Among the latter the famous “beef with oil” of Rovato, the spit and roasts, strictly accompanied by polenta. Tasty also the cheeses, among which stand out the Silent Camuno-sebino and the Casolet of the Marone and Zone huts. Alongside the products of the earth, the lake also offers different varieties of fish: char, aole, whitefish, perch, eel and tench are the main ones. A particular treatment is performed with rudd, chub and agoni, which are dried in the sun and put in oil according to a centuries-old tradition. The production of oil itself is becoming increasingly important, boasting important awards such as the DOP brand.

The range of agro-food and organic products is also thriving, such as honey, jams, jams and cured meats of various kinds, among which we must mention the famous salami of Montisola. Castaniculture is also typical, with fresh or dried fruits, or transformed into flour and delicious desserts.

Exceptional production of wines: the brands of Franciacorta are now synonymous with high quality, thanks to the rigorous methods of selection of the grapes and production.

More and more tourists choose to travel the “Strada del Franciacorta” to get to know this wonderful area and taste its flavors!

In Paratico, about a couple of kilometers from our B&B, you will find the Bredasole Franciacorta winery!